Certax Accounting Services

CerTax accounting (Sandbach) offers a wide range of accounting and taxation services to suit our clients whether they are individuals, sole traders, partnerships or limited companies.

What fees will you have to pay?

As a potential client you would receive a free initial consultation and our fee would be agreed up front and any additional services that you might find you require during the year will all have fees agreed prior to the work being undertaken. There should then be no surprises when as a client you receive your bill for our services and indeed we are happy for you to pay by monthly standing order so that your fees are spread across the year and don't make a sudden hit on your cash flow just as your tax bill needs paying.

Are you paying the right amount of tax when you complete your self assessment?

By having your self assessment professionally produced you may end up paying less tax, how is this possible? Well as a professional tax advisor CerTax are up to date with all the allowances and expenses that can be claimed and offset against income, whether that income is from employment, self employment, property rental or other sources. This ensures that your taxable income is minimised and thus so is the tax that you will pay. Did you know for example that if your employer pays you a mileage rate below 40 pence per mile you can claim the difference on your self assessment tax return or by completing a form P87 if you don't complete an annual self assessment tax return.

Are you thinking of setting up your own business?

CerTax can help by talking through your plans and helping you to decide on the best business model for you. We can assist you with putting together your business plans, registering with HMRC for National insurance, taxation, PAYE and VAT. Have a look in our business guides section on this website for some fact sheets that might help you make decisions about your plans to go it alone and then have a free no obligation chat with us about your ideas.

Are you VAT registered?

CerTax offers a full service whereby we prepare and submit your VAT returns from your accounting records or we can assist and advice you on a more ad-hoc basis from helping you to register for VAT (or de-register) and also for those under the VAT registration threshold CerTax can help you to monitor your turnover and make decisions in good time if you near the compulsory registration threshold.